Everybody's Backup

Simple backup in a few clicks...
Download 0.8 (31KB. Released 9-JUN-2009)

Everybody's Backup is a free and simple backup program without any installation. The program file is simply put on your backup storage (e.g. a USB stick) and is up and running with a double click. The backup data is put relative to the program. The program runs on Windows, Linux, OSX and all other Java supported systems. The program will warn the user if the system is short on space or if a backup is started on the wrong workstation.

The program can be used by even very inexperienced users

Use the plus sign to add backup jobs.
Use the selection box to select a job.
Use the "Start" button to start a backup

What does it actually do?
All non hidden file is copied to the backup destination if the file is newer or length is different from destination folder. See the "EverybodysBackup.Data" folder