Friends' Backup

version 0.27 (needs Java 1.7+). See changelog

This software is a free alternative to commercial online backups. Make backup onto your friends computer or backup to computers in your home network.

It is a real backup, not just a file copy, meaning you can recover from any point in time. E.g. find a file you deleted 1 year ago. Dropbox (free edition) only stores deleted files and version history 30 days back.

All files and paths are encrypted (128 bit AES) before leaving the computer so destination could be anywhere. Add multiple friends to gain redundant backup. Each host decides how much disk space a friend may use.

The program is both a client and a server so connections will be attempted in both directions. The backup will transfer files compressed, de-duplicated and encrypted to your friend's location. If the connection is dropped or your friend is offline it will continue when connected again.

Quick Start

First you link with your friend (your friend will do the same). You'll have to exchange access keys.

Create a backup. Choose friend, add folders and pick a password for encryption

Press start

Technical info


	0.28 (2017-11-07)
		- Improved backup/friend delete. Recalculates free bytes after delete.
		- Added alder32 check to detect corrupted data in backup
		- Breaking protocol changes (you must update both ends)
		- Improved dead connection detection
		- Several UI improvements e.g. window size will be restored after restart.
		- Setting to prevent system hibernate
	0.27 (2017-08-10)
		- Passwords are encrypted on disk. User should input password again
		- UI for file recovering is now able to recover back in time. Output directory can be changed.
	0.26 (2017-07-28)
		- Breaking changes in storage format and protocol.
		- 20% smaller jar file. Removed xstream using JAXB instead.
		- Default backup throttle at 1 MB/s
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