Online C64 BASIC

This is an online Commodore 64 emulator for sharing BASIC snippets. Text will be converted to the PRG format and executed in a C64 emulator. Links can be generated for sharing. You can use this as an online BASIC editor, but more suitable use would be copy/paste (from C64Studio) for sharing purposes. See changelog



3rd party credits

The emulator is made by Thomas Hochgoetz
C64 font by


1.4 (2023-06-11)
- Improved error messages
- Added 80 characters with abbreviations validation
- Added new byte macros e.g {chr192} or {$192}
- Added macro list support e.g. {CLR,PI} or {$40,41,42,32}

1.3 (2023-01-06)
- If first line has a REM statement, this should be the HTML title

1.2 (2023-01-03)
- Autostart BASIC in emulator
- Emulator in top of screen
- Added favicon
- Added og:image generated from code (image preview in Facebook) 
- Added parse error handling (shown in a messagebox)

1.1 (2023-01-01)
- Added PETSCII charset
- Added marcro support
- Added keyword abbreviation support

1.0 (2022-12-30)
- First version online. Translates a subset of BASIC code into executable PRG format